Monday, November 25, 2013

Mini Albums

Here are some christmas projects I have been working on.  WHEW.  on top of some albums and other projects I am so glad these ones are mostly done.  Just have to embellish and then wrap and tag.  WHOO HOOO.  Can't wait.
 These are note pads, Grocery list pads, or whatever kind of notes/lists you need these for.  They have magnets on the back so you can put them on your refrig or any other place that is available to place a magnet on.
 Here are my mini albums.  I have to still embellish, add tags, notes and frames on each page.  They came out really cute and they were made from one sheet of paper.  The finished pages size is 3 by 3.  They are so dang cute and easy to make.  The next part is the part that will take me the longest to decide how to decorate.  ACK!!!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! These are just so cute and sooo handy!! I always think note pads could be so much cute and here they are!!! I do believe I need the directions for those cute mini albums!! Perfect for niece and nephew's pictures!!!

    1. Teri, The instructions for the mini album is from one sheet of paper and I got it from this website. they have tons of good ideas. I am always searching for new things. Enjoy and HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

  2. lucky, lucky recipients! These are fun.....
    and gorgeous!