Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vintage Camera Photo Album

This photo album is finally done!!  This photo album belongs to a vintage camera project (Kathy Orta of Paper Phenomenon) that I did and I finally got pictures inside of it.  I made 2 and the other will have my favorite photos in it when its done.  This one belongs to my son Jordan Lindley who is a videographer and photographer.  This is the genealogy of my side of the family.  I am named after my Aunt Marjorie Weaver who was a Movie Star and best known for her starring role in Young Mr. Lincoln.  She played Mary Todd ~ Lincolns wife.  Anyways all the fun and interesting stuff was put into this album and hope it gives Jordan much pleasure to read stories of his past family.  My Uncle Robert Flaherty is best known for the father of Documentary.  He did Nanook of the North.  Ralph Waldo Emerson is my first cousin 6 times removed (meaning generations ~ 6 generations back we share the same grandparents).  Lucius Lee Hubbard and Rufus Goodell were prominent community members where I live now.  Lucius was the Michigan State Geologist.  So much history in our family it is just so much fun to learn about.  On my mothers side she is an ONeill and that family built up Plattsmouth Nebraska.  Our family kept so many documents, letters and so forth that made it easier to put together some books on our family.  Its so much fun.