Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Polished Stone Class

This class was so cool.  we used ink and inked up glossy cardstock.  When it is dry then you stamp your image and decorate.  Besides the ink we used Galaxy gold, copper and silver.  That gave it a cool look.  See images.

MY Favorite one.  Luv the floss we added.  This was made with 3 color inks and Galaxy gold.  Isn't he just majestic...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Perfect Pearls Class

This class was so much fun.  I finally learned how to use my perfect pearls.  This one we put pearl perfect pearls into a dollar store watercolor paint palette added water and painted our stamped images.  SOOO COOL.

This card we used versamark to stamp our image then we inked the page up with purple and blue.  Look how the stamp resisted the ink.  This was done on glossy paper.

This Card with the Moose we stamped our images and then added the perfect pearls and then brushed off the excess.  The copper color was soo cool.  on the moose part we put perfect pearls in a little bit of water brushed it on heated it to dry it quickly then stamped the moose.  The Moose is stamped with ink.

I also have a lighthouse card that I forgot to take pictures of and it was stamped and then we used perfect pearls and brushed the excess off.  Quick and easy and beautiful.  Will add the picture once I take it.  LUV IT.