Saturday, January 28, 2012

OKAY heres the Card

I worked all day picked up paper, put down paper, cut paper, picked up another paper, cut paper,  put other paper away.  This went on for an hour.  Then the embossing folder that was a tad bit easier.  Played with some ink before actually putting it on the card embossing flower.  Finally picked out another paper or two and finally chose one.  I had cut many papers.  LOL.  then going through all my drawers and pulling things out to add.  Figure couldn't have too much so pulled out a lot.  That sure makes it hard to decide what to finish with.  Anyways added iroc gems and that was probably the easiest part.  Added 4 green sparkle (glitter) gems.  I luv my iroc.  Anyways  Here is the final Card.  WOW I am so impressed at all those people who pump out a few cards in one day.  One was a forever task for me.   The coloring is easy and the card is hard.  What do you think????
I entered this card in the Flutterby Wednesday #187 Card Challenge ~ embossing and Butterfly, fairy or angel. Challenge 147 ~ Anything Goes

an image for a card

Here is my newest coloring.  Now to make a card.  OMG this will be my very first ever created outta my head card.  I have always had a pattern.  Here it goes.

Friday, January 27, 2012


What to do. What to do.   Coloring is the easier part of the whole card process.  I luv to color and play with my images and pencils (and gamsol).  The hard part is figuring out what I want to do with my colorings.  You wouldn't beleive it but I have a zip lock baggy full of coloring.  LOL.  I am finding some use for some of them but I just keep coloring.  So here are a couple of my colorings.  Let me know what you think.

She reminds me of Joes Niece.  Such an innocent face.  CUTE.  luv this stamp.

I am not totally done with her I just noticed I didn't finish her shoes LOL.  and I didn't stickle her wings or her white part of her dress.  Gotta go back and do that now. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday All Day Crop ~ YAY!!

Okay I finally figured out what kind of card to make out of Edwin.  YAY I really like this layout.  Came out half way decent. 

Here is a little tiny notebook I bought from walmart.  Joe needs to keep notes for work so I decided to take the Magnolia Monkey (I have colored about 5 of them) and some paper I spray with ink spray (blues and greens) and used Velveteen paper inside the cover.   Joe luvs monkeys so this was perfect.  Came out really cute.  Joe luved it.  Took it already to put in his pocket for his notes. YAY.

Sorry : - (   I little blury.

 Also at this same crop the main reason for going was to finally get started on my sons recipe book.  He lives so far away and if I can explain recipes to him on paper he might have a fighting chance at hunger.  LOL.  At least he can get away from macaroni and cheese.  I have a funny story.  I sent him hamburger helper cause I figured he would at least have food all day out of one box.  He called me and asked what he needed.  Went to the store got the hamburger.  When he called me he asked how much does he need to cook.  I said the whole pound.  HE SAID WHAT.  that is a lot and it was expensive.  LOL.  I said it makes a lot and you can store the rest and reheat it and have food for more than one sitting.  he said OH.  so now he knows how to make hamburger helper with a whole pound of hamburger.  LOL.  Silly boy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

EDWIN with STOLEN HEART... Awww hes my fav.

Oh do I luv Edwin with Stolen Heart.  I am going to plan my card for this image.  I just luv coloring.  I was so undecided what colors to use on him.  My son likes blue but I like green.  So I started out coloring him with blue every other stripe and then picked out another blue to do the other stripes and just couldn't color or pick that other blue.  Then I seen that green just sitting there and I figured why not.  I used stickles on his heart.  I luv stickles.  Enjoy...

Another pages without pictures class

Thanks Charlotte for another wonderful class.  You are so good with your colors.  I LUV THESE.  I just had to bring some pics to add to my pages.  I gotta go find some more pics to add to these pages but will post them first.  YAY. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

OMG bestest friend Ever.

My bestest friend Denice made me this awesome book to relive our wonderful time we had on my birthday.  I went to my first scrapbook expo with Denice and 2 new friends I met the day before.  WOWWEEE.  This is the best present ever.  Here are a few pages from it.  YAY.  This was the best birthday ever.  YAY.  Thanks for making it the most wonderful day for me.  I so much enjoyed making new friends and spending time with you all.  Was great laughs too.  LOL.  YAY.

Monday, January 2, 2012

YAY Color Chartsssss

I can now post my color charts.  I made one using the copic colors and 2 with the prisma pencils colors.  THANK YOU DENICE for this wonderful Idea which lead me on to the techniques book.  I SO LUV this.  My Friend Denice is the one who created the first color chart and gave me instructions.  So my first attempt at a book.  SO MUCH FUN.

Here is the copic color chart I made for a swap I was in for my new friend Tracie.  As you can see those are the only colors I own on the front page that is colored in.  TEE HEE.
Here is a close up of my coloring my dreamcatcher in pink.  Isn't she lovely.
Here is the inside pages of the copic one.  She has to do the coloring. YAY.

Here is my mothers Prisma Coloring chart.  These were so much fun.
Here is the one I made myself and I also use prisma pencils.  LUV THEM....
Here is one example of the inside pages of the prisma pencils.  INS'T it so Cool.  I found pencils to color in.

Here is another example I started coloring as you can see I am just in the middle of getting his skin started.  Gotta pull out the gamsol and blending stump to move the color around.  YAY.  Can't wait till that pile of leaves are done they are going to be all different colors since it is Fall 2011.  Very colorful when done HOPEFULLY....


Here is a book of techniques I created for my mother "Dotti" of things that I have learned over the past couple of years either through classes, websites or from a special friend "Denice".  YAY.   So I made 4 books.  Of course I kept one, sent one to denice gave one to a friend at work and made it especially for my mother for christmas.  YAY.  So here is the book I made.

This is the front cover of my techniques book.  I sprayed ink on the board (a couple of them I painted) then I added modge podge the glitter one.  I luv sparkle can you tell. 
This one is one of the ones I painted with two different colors then sprayed copper glimmer mist and then modge podge regular no glitter.  Then My first introduction page WAS SO MUCH FUN.  I used the cricut to cut out the clock, used black marker to color in the clock hands, stickles on the clock weight and then glossy accents to the clock face to make it look like it was behind glass.  Pretty cool.  The words are a combination of cricut letters and computer printout.
Here is an up close look at the clock.
Inking ~ took paper and put into a cardboard box.  Spray either memory mist or glimmer mist over box and the paper catches the sprays.  I cut each out out showing the different borders as well.  See above.

Here is the watermark page.  It is used for backgrounds.  SOOO COOL.  one of the first techniques classes I took.
Embossing is so much fun.  There are so many types of embossing powers and colors out there.  even puffy ones like the one I did with the reindeer.

Chalking was by accident.  I went to make some cards and the store had you make most of your cards there before taking the rest home to put together.  One card had chalking on dark paper.  WHOO HOO how awesome was that.  I fell in luv with chalking.

Here is a technique I learned on the internet.  So dang cool.  I played around with my images and paper and the bleach and this is what I got.
Here is a page that took me awhile to figure out how I was going to show different types of distressing papers.  It came out pretty neat I think.  YAY.

This was one of my most favorites to Monkey with.  FLOCKING.  So dang cool.  ON the hat I used chunky glittery and white flock mixed together for the rim and ball.  So soft.

Here was one that I did last cause I had no idea what I was going to do.  Figured it out though.  Flower is punched and stitched by hand, second layer is sewn by sewing machine, third is marker stitching which I luv.
This was all the embellishments that I could think of to use on just one page to show the different types of things you can use and not be tooo chunky.  I so luv my iroc which put the hearts on the page.

Here is my dedicated and thank you page.  Denice is always there when I get stuck on projects to give me encouragement and ideas.  LUV YOUR IDEAS denice.    Hope you enjoyed the tour of my book. YAY.