Friday, August 14, 2009

Jordans video

This is my Son Jordan and he loves creating with the computer with videos. He films and edits and then shares his videos with his friends. He has done this for about 4 years now. Awesome job Jordan. He is now in Schaumburg Illinois going to the Art Institute for film editing. Thats my boy!!!

Welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to Marjis Stuff Blog. I love photography, genealogy, camping and crafting (scrapbooking, quilting, crocheting and working with my cricut). So from time to time I will be posting my pictures and info to this blog. Oh Yeah and also pics of my Beautiful Springer Spaniels. I have 3 Springer Spaniels - Princess (of the Mountain Top) a liver and white Springer, Precious (star in the sky) a black and white tri colored Springer and last but not least Jasmine (A field of Jasmine) and she is a liver and white tri colored springer. This picture was taken in the woods of Copper Harbor at Fort Wilkins. A squirrel was squealing and all the dogs looked over to see if they could see it. Awesome job dogs I got a good shot. Thanks for visiting my blog.