Thursday, April 26, 2018

PET Paradise ~ Springer Spaniels

AWWWW I finally get to make and finish my own Pet Paradise project of my pups.   I have owned 6 English Springer Spaniels but only 5 at one time.  This is the third time I made this project and this time its for ME!!  I really enjoy making Paper Phenomenon Projects they are so fun.  All the cutting and decisions on what paper on what page.  So Much fun!!!  I am on a roll this year.  Hopefully will have more posts on more projects I am finishing up.  ENJOY!!!  I love these lil pups.   Information on My Springers.  Pebbles (full name Pebbles by the Lake) she was my first English Springer Spaniel and because of her we fell in love with this breed.  She was born on Christmas Eve and passed away 12 3/4 years later.  She was a liver and white Springer.  Then came along Princess of the Mountain Top is a liver and white English Springer Spaniel and she will be 14  years old this June 2018,  Precious star of the sky is a black and white tri English Springer Spaniel and she will be 11 in June 2018,  A field of JASMINE is a liver and white tri and she will be 10 in May 2018, then we got Seneca lake of the keweenaw and she is the only one we chose before she was born because she is a  Sable black tipped roan English Springer Spaniel.  She will be 6 in July,  then lastly we have Campfire ASHES who just turned 2 in March of 2018 and she is a black and white roan English Springer Spaniel.