Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday All Day Crop ~ YAY!!

Okay I finally figured out what kind of card to make out of Edwin.  YAY I really like this layout.  Came out half way decent. 

Here is a little tiny notebook I bought from walmart.  Joe needs to keep notes for work so I decided to take the Magnolia Monkey (I have colored about 5 of them) and some paper I spray with ink spray (blues and greens) and used Velveteen paper inside the cover.   Joe luvs monkeys so this was perfect.  Came out really cute.  Joe luved it.  Took it already to put in his pocket for his notes. YAY.

Sorry : - (   I little blury.

 Also at this same crop the main reason for going was to finally get started on my sons recipe book.  He lives so far away and if I can explain recipes to him on paper he might have a fighting chance at hunger.  LOL.  At least he can get away from macaroni and cheese.  I have a funny story.  I sent him hamburger helper cause I figured he would at least have food all day out of one box.  He called me and asked what he needed.  Went to the store got the hamburger.  When he called me he asked how much does he need to cook.  I said the whole pound.  HE SAID WHAT.  that is a lot and it was expensive.  LOL.  I said it makes a lot and you can store the rest and reheat it and have food for more than one sitting.  he said OH.  so now he knows how to make hamburger helper with a whole pound of hamburger.  LOL.  Silly boy.


  1. How cute are these? I think I'm in love with the little monkey - he's adorable!
    Sue S.

  2. Super cute! What a fun way to spend the day!
    Rene :D

  3. Great job on all three projects. Looks like your day was very productive! Hugs...Barb <><

  4. Adorable story about the hamburger helper, lol! Jordan is going to love his recipe book when he gets it!!!

    Sweet little monkey, I bet Joe loves him in his pocket!

    Looks like you have a fun and productive day, YAY!!!

  5. Great projects Marji, I love the little monkey, nicely done
    Hugs Julie P

  6. Wonderful projects!!!!! Chef Tilda looks adorable!!!!! Way to go!!!!!

  7. Great projects! That monkey is adorable.


  8. Love everything cuz!

  9. Sweet projects and fun sharing :o)