Sunday, July 27, 2014

CARD CLASS with paper folding

This was a fabulous class.  We did paper folding, thread winding with blending filament, and stamping.  What a wonderful class.  Learned a lot in one class and had fun with a lot of people.  Awesome.  Click on the images below to see them bigger.  Check out the center of the flowers they are punches that we wound the blending filament around the punch.  Thanks Linda and Julie for the wonderful class.  Linda taught us the cards and Julie taught us the bookmarks. 


  1. Both the cards and bookmark are wonderful...what a fun class! The threaded centers are FABULOUS....what a cool idea! As always....your cards make me say "wish I had thought of that!"

  2. Very pretty. I love the threaded centers. Julie is a dear friend and when she posted the link to your page, I just had to come visit and see your projects. I would have loved to attend the class, but I'm over a thousand miles away. :( It's so sad the store had to close up. I hope you ladies find a way to stay in touch.