Monday, March 4, 2013


Okay this is an older project but I just finished it.  My goal this year is to finish all those projects that I started.  ALL OF THEM.  I am about 1/2 way there.  These pages were from a class I took at my very first Scrapbook EXPO in St. Charles, Illinois from 2011.  I will be going back to another one and I will be taking another class like this one as it was soooo much fun.  I enjoyed myself so much.  This class was titled "Crazy for Cardstock" by Vicki Shepherd.  I can't wait to add pictures to these pages. 

I so luv the colors in this.  I will be doing this one again.  I luv puzzles and trying to fit pieces into a rectangle to make it look like stained glass was a lot of fun.  Its a puzzle to keep forever.  Plus add pictures to it.  LUV THIS.
Once I add all the pictures to the solid area this will stand out much better.  I luv how easy this was to put together and how awesome it will look after I put all the pictures I want on here.  I so luved the flower embellishment.  I have made many flowers since.  Really easy to make.
This one I learned to create lattice work for the decorations and cutting flowers in half or quarters and use both sides of the flowers.  Gives it that background look.  This was the longest layout and I thoroughly enjoyed it.



  1. LOVE these backgrounds!!!! It was so much much going to the class and making these with you!!! Can we do it again soon?!! Pretty please?!!!

  2. OH YES YES I wanna so badly. And take a few days to do it tooo not all in one day.