Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SENECA Lake of the Keweenaw

Here is a two page spread I made of my newest member of the family.  "SENECA".  She is a Black Tipped Sable, Roan, English Springer Spaniel.  Rare colors.  Anyways she is our newest member and I had a crop day to make a two page spread.  I am not completely done with it as I need to put my mom and pop tags and the journaling tag on it.  But I don't want to forget to post it.  The Father Is a Black Tipped Sable English Springer Spaniel named "Tucker" on the left side page and the Mother is a Black and White Tri Roan (roan is the different color tickings that is all over where the white should be) English Springer Spaniel name "Hattie".  This is Hatties first litter and she had 9 puppies.  Wonderful breed.
Tucker "DAD" is in the bottom corner. Jasmine and Seneca meet in the next picture, and first bath is in the top left corner. 

Hattie is the MOM in the bottom right hand corner,  Mid page is all my pups (Princess of the Mountain top - far left back, A field of Jasmine Middle, and Precious star of the sky far right and in the center is SENECA Lake of the Keweenaw.)

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  1. You know I love these pages, and what a cute title!
    Awwww.....PUPPY LOVE!