Monday, September 12, 2011

MY NEW WHEELS. Oh How I luv this vehicle. Best thing made.

I bought this Polaris Ranger AKA "Range Woofer" (as my friend helped me name it LOL thanks Denice!!) and everytime I try to tell someone they think I got a truck or something.  NO WAY.  I got a bush vehicle, doggy vehicle,  Butt saver vehicle  best ever.  I even like to drive it.  We took it for our first drive and with Our precious being so scared we tied her down so she won't jump.  The other two were okay, at least we thought.  Got past the swedetown pond (of course where birds and water is and having a bird/water dogs - you get the picture).  We have a jumper.  Miss Princess jumped out while we were driving (that is not safe princess you can't do that) and looked behind and she was trying to figure out which pond to jump into.  UGH! stopped the vehicle and called her back.  GEESH!!!.  So she got tied down.   Other than that it was a fun ride.  Funny though we let them swim at another pond and on the way back with the dusty trails they all needed baths.  LOL.   Oh well it is fun.  We all had a blast.

There they are...  Three dogs ready to go for a ride.
Joe taking my picture driving the dogs around the pond.


  1. I love these pictures and so does Frank...'cuz I just had to show them to him! The pups look kids waiting to go grandma's house! LOL! Congrats on the "range-woofer"!