Monday, September 12, 2011

MY NEW FENCE!!!! Yippeeee

Well, Since we didn't buy the house next door we decided to put up a privacy fence on the side and on the back.  But this year could only afford the side.  Next year I will put it on the back.  OH BOY.  what fun.  The dogs just don't know what to think of it since they use to bang into the fence to see the neighbors dogs.  GEESH!.  LOL.  Oh well.  Here is the fence.

I had this fence up since Jordan was 2 years old.  So 18 years ago this fence was put up.
Here are the posts that went in on Wednesday Sept 7th 2011.
Here is the fence As I saw it Thursday after work.  Job complete..!!
Jay Reed Construction did a BEAUTIFUL JOB!! Thanks guys.  See you next spring. YAY.

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  1. That’s a spacious and cozy garden you have there! I’m pretty sure your son Jordan had a wonderful time playing in this place during his childhood years. A garden like this does require tall and durable fences. For your original fence to last for 18 long years, that could only mean that it was made of some truly sturdy materials. But, it’s also a good thing that you decided to replace your old fence with a taller one. The new fence is more covered, and this can provide more privacy and security to your home

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