Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Fantastic Technique at a cardmaking class

We have done another fantastic technique using Window mini blinds and alcohol inks from Tim Holtz.  Can you believe that the card with the trees has mini blinds on it?  The trees are cut out of mini blinds and the sign is from a mini blind.  Also the books markers of course are made from mini blinds.  The leaf is cut out of a dollar store cutting mat.  We then inked it and stamped them.  How awesome.  Just look.

Here are the bookmarks and tags.  They came out so cute.  We used the alcohol inks in a pen to write.

This wolf card was stamped and then we used 50% water and 50% bleach in a water pen and where the lighter colors are is where we used the pen.  So cute.  Gotta make more of these.  Luv them.


  1. I love these Marjorie...what a cool idea to use mini blinds! Don't ya just love the alcohol inks?!!

  2. Yes the alcohol inks are just awesome. I had some but now I am playing with them. LUV them. How fun.