Sunday, August 7, 2011

GOODELL OIL Genealogy Poster for business

Goodell Oil Company was started by my great grandfather Horatio Stuart Goodell.  He started the business because the miners needed oil for their lamps.  It grew into a big business.  Today the oil business is not like it use to be so the Goodell Oil Company is no longer.  BUT my brother Donald is opening his own auto business as he is so good with his hands and mind with Autos, boats and other moving vehicles.  Because I am so into our genealogy I put together this history of the Goodell businesses ending with Donalds Business card that I created.  I am so proud of my brother.  MORE to come on the business.  YAY.  Anyways here is the poster. Luv you Donald.
This poster is hung up in the Lakes Auto Garage.

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